Pullman Terrace

Pullman Terrace




April 2020




Pullman Terrace 

The Pullman Terrace project stands as a hallmark of elegance and innovation, blending sophisticated aesthetics with functional luxury. Tasked with creating an inviting outdoor haven, our design team focused on crafting a space that seamlessly integrates with the Pullman brand's ethos of comfort and style. The terrace features custom-designed furniture that balances luxury with durability, suitable for the outdoor setting. Our MEP engineering ensured ambient lighting and optimal audio systems, enhancing the atmosphere for evening events. Carpentry and joinery work added a touch of bespoke elegance through crafted wooden elements and green spaces, enriching the terrace's visual and tactile experience. This project highlights our dedication to transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting environments for relaxation and social engagement, embodying the Pullman's commitment to exceptional guest experiences.

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