NAC ( The North Audley Cantine )

NAC ( The North Audley Cantine )




MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)


Carpentry and Joinery


Custom Furniture Solutions


October 2023



Resturant / Cafe 


The North Audley Cantine (NAC) project exemplifies a harmonious blend of fit-out, MEP, and carpentry and joinery, crafted to create an inviting and efficient dining space. This comprehensive approach delivered a chic, comfortable environment that reflects NAC's culinary ethos. Custom joinery and carpentry defined the space with elegant, functional furnishings and fittings, while the MEP solutions ensured a comfortable, safe dining experience with optimal lighting, climate control, and plumbing systems. The project highlights our expertise in integrating design and functionality, creating a unique atmosphere where guests can enjoy NAC's delightful offerings in a setting that's both aesthetically pleasing and operationally superior

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