Hungry Mechanics

Hungry Mechanics




March 2021




Hungry Mechanics


The Hungry Mechanics project was designed to cater to a unique niche, blending the gritty ambiance of a mechanic's workshop with the inviting warmth of a dining experience. Our goal was to create an environment where patrons could enjoy hearty, mechanic-themed meals in a space that feels both authentic and comfortable. The design concept revolved around utilizing industrial materials and motifs, such as metal, wood, and exposed brick, to evoke the look and feel of a workshop, while integrating modern dining amenities for convenience and comfort. Custom furniture pieces were crafted to reflect automotive parts and tools, adding to the thematic experience. The MEP solutions ensured a well-lit, well-ventilated space, balancing the industrial aesthetic with the practical needs of a dining establishment. This project showcases our ability to creatively merge thematic elements with functional design, creating a memorable dining adventure that appeals to the adventurous spirit of its patrons.

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